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Energy Efficiency, Low Carbon Footprint, Green Building / WE BUILD


OKAN TOWER Miami, FL is a great example of 21st Century Efficiency

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a globally recognized green building certification that sets best practices for sustainable building design and construction. Several of our team members are LEED certified and this expertise pays dividends during preconstruction and construction phase services.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in our Construction Approach and Application

With global energy consumption at an all-time high, the building sector is now focusing on sustainable technologies to minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. The integration of energy-efficient building design, renewable energy sources, and sustainable construction can not only contribute to sustainable urban development but also significantly reduce energy costs. These costs are important, long term issues to our clients.

When we work with architecture and engineering firms, Jacobs reviews the project with the team and stakeholders and provides positive feedback and suggestions that buildings be built with the environment and energy efficiency in mind.

Energy Performance and Consumption of Energy: Urban, residential and public buildings prioritize energy performance. By employing energy management systems and design strategies, these buildings can reduce energy consumption and even produce more energy through renewable energy generation.

Sustainable Materials and Building Envelope: Sustainable materials are key to energy efficiency. The building envelope, which includes walls, roofs, and windows, must be designed and built correctly to minimize energy consumption.

Quality of Life: Sustainable planning focuses on enhancing the quality of life. Whether its the tallest building in the city or a small residential building, energy-efficient design also enriches the urban landscape. Indoor Air quality and mechanical HVAC systems keeps people safe and this is a critical concern for all considering the recent COVID pandemic.

Smart Energy and Sustainable Technologies: Smart energy systems and sustainable technologies are paving the way for the future, where buildings not only optimize energy but also generate energy through renewable sources.