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As your Owners Project Manager (OPM), we provide comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities. JACOB manages the architect, consultant, contractor and vendors, and keep everyone aligned with the comprehensive scope of the project, the cost certainty of the budget and rapid and accessible accounting of information.


As an extension of Ownership, JACOB directs and coordinates all activities associated with an OPM assignment. As your independent manager, we align the team and goals of a project, manage the design and construction phase overview and reporting for the benefit and interest of ownership.



A capital project represents a major investment of an owners resources. Whether the owner is a private corporation, a public agency or an individual, the stakes are the same for all entities contemplating a building project; identify program and needs, develop scope, establish design and engineering criteria, reconcile design with cost, establish cost feasibility and control budget, develop schedule parameters, manage the flow and assets of the team, (designers, engineers, contractors, vendors, commissioning agents), to the benefit of the owners budget and vision.

JACOB is a proven expert in managing and controlling the stakeholders on a capital project. We understand how the different parts of the process fit together. Waste, excessive cost and delays can result from poor coordination and communication among specialists. By representing the viewpoints of the owners, JACOB focuses its attention on stakeholder project management to evoke the best from various specialists including planners, architects, engineering consultants, constructors, fabricators, material suppliers, financial analysts and others.

Our core focus is the financial management of your design and construction project. We assist our clients in establishing a comprehensive project budget, and then track expended and anticipated project costs against the budget on an ongoing basis. The budget reflects the iterative design process, and we work with the designer to stay on course, and to also work with the team to perform early value engineering to keep the project cost-centric without sacrificing design intent. Because of our experience we are adept at minimizing our clients risk. Design and construction projects entail lengthy, complex transactions in which disputes often arise. We deal with such issues every day, and we use this experience to keep design and construction on track.