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Jacobs hospitality team build projects large and small, including limited-service, full-service and world-class luxury hotels and resorts. From resorts that are destinations unto themselves to urban high-rises to complex renovations, Jacob has earned its reputation as a leading hospitality builder by always viewing our projects through the owners eyes.


Jacobs approach is owner and brand centric, and one which celebrates celebrating simple and exquisite elegance inspired by timeless luxury.


Our hotel and resort portfolio include work for major brands and privately developed properties.



Jacob Companies, through it its building division, Jacob Construction is a leader in building for some of the top global lifestyle and hospitality management groups.

Our hospitality team has constructed hotels ranging from new builds to complex renovations such as room remodels, hotel rebrands, public space and amenity improvements, and additions. We build and renovate a variety of hotel properties, including:

Convention/Conference Center

Combining learning and networking spaces with recreation and traditional hotel spaces for thousands takes technical know-how. Our experts bring years of experience to make sure that every system for every purpose is delivered as planned so guests can gather, learn, connect and reflect.

Full-Service Living/Residential

For a property with all the amenities, you want a construction manager/contractor that offers just as much. With solutions throughout the project lifecycle:from prefabrication to technical expertise ready for any end user, we work with you to turn architectural drawings into revenue-producing rooms as efficiently as possible.

Boutique Hotels and Developer Condominiums

A unique guest experience means not taking the cookie cutter approach. We align with owners/brands and their design vision to deliver properties that make memorable experiences, from guest rooms to dining that becomes a neighborhood staple.


Relaxing guests never notice whats behind the walls and spaces, and that is the idea. That takes flawless execution and the kind of attention to quality we bring along with our efficiency, focused delivery approach. You want your guests to think you didnt miss a detail. We will make sure we dont!