Program Management
Seamless Integration

JACOB is often hired to work as a facilitator and manager with all project stakeholders- the client, architect, engineers, construction managers, contractors, developers, consultants, trades and sub consultants- in charge of overarching policy, budget, schedule and master plans. Our expertise in construction and our ability to manage large, complex, multi-faceted projects is a hallmark our our Program Management services and leadership.

This management dynamic applies to larger municipal or commercial programs involving multiple projects or complex phased work. As a Program Manager, JACOB assembles a leadership team to oversee and be responsible for complex projects from pre-design, design process, bid/award, construction and close-out and commissioning. We provide seamless management strategies throughout the program’s lifecycle. Our team implements these strategies with special focus on schedule and budget objectives, always assessing potential impacts that affect both. As the program progresses from planning, through design, construction and occupancy, we use our experiences and lessons learned from other projects to inform decisions at critical points during each project.

• Project planning, definition and management
• Project design criteria and oversight
• Design and construction schedules and cost estimates
• Constructability review and value engineering
• A/E evaluation and selection process
• Construction administration, management and inspection
• Transition management

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