Structural Concrete and Architectural and Structural Precast

Jacob Companies has vast experience in erecting and installing quality components that meet and exceed national industry standards. Our expertise includes erection of architectural precast systems and complex structural precast systems.  Our spectrum of building sizes range from the applications of architectural panels on a single story structure to a multistory high rise as well as the erection of complex parking structures. In addition, Jacob’s quality documentation, safety and erection procedures, personnel qualification records, project files, and equipment management records provide evidence that the required managerial and administrative criteria are being met on all applicable projects.

In conjunction with our Precast Erection expertise and the knowledge and experience of our team, Jacob has also excelled to become a leading contractor in structural concrete. Our structural concrete division specializes in the design and installation of tilt up structures, mid-high rise construction and post tension applications. As a General Contractor, having the expertise and ability to perform the structural concrete on projects enables us to control the quality and the schedule of the project and ensure its success.  

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